Enthusiast of communities, teams, collaboration, agile and lean. I live, work and actively collaborate with communities at Barcelona, Spain.

After more than 15 years developing software, I quit to made learning about how teams collaborate better my profession. Nowadays, I apply what learned to promote social goodness initiatives based on collaboration. I still have a lot to learn, that’s why I created this site, to have a space for share as I continue learning, forcing me to expose what I learnt in a clear and concise way so others can understand and discuss with myself about it, as a way to confirm, validate or discard the learnt thing.

If you can take advantage of what I will share, I’ll be glad of it, but I don’t want to lose focus that the goal is to keep learning thanks to collaboration between each other. That’s why I will ask you to be critical and share your thoughts so we can discuss and get deep together.