About me

and the things that matter to me

This Is My Story

Enthusiast of communities, teams, collaboration, agile and lean. I live, work and actively collaborate with agile, lean and technical communities at Barcelona, Spain.

After more than 15years developing software with .net technologies, nowadays, I quit to made of helping teams to collaborate better and improve their results my profession.  I’m still learning about it every day , it’s easy when you look around and see only extraordinary people.

I decided not to separate my professional and personal life. I like what I do and I live of what I like to do, whether to help a team improve in the use of agile methodologies, develop software together or hold an event for the community.

If you fancy a coffee , it’s easy to contact me through  my mailmy twittermy phone or LinkedIn. I love to meet people and have a conversation, I always learn something.

Best of me: two little boys who still wake me up every day jumping on my stomach , Ester – which I loved every day since I met her although I would not say as often as it deserves – and a lot of friends.