Two years ago I started a blog ( … ) I started at a time of change, a time in my life when many of the things that had been my world (professionally speaking, at a time which still separated professional and personal life) began to have less sense to me. I decided to title on the road – leaving the real world : it was gray, plain text and seemed perfectly reflect my mood as well as my desire to leave what until then was “the real world” in which I lived.

With time and more changes in my life, little details were added. My world was no longer gray and barriers between the professional and personal life were blurring, so small strokes of color appeared in the header. The title was changed, I was no longer leaving nothing but pursuing a purpose, so I decided to rename on the road to unutopia (1), and instead of leaving the real world, I preferred to fill it with colorful post-its.

Few months ago I started a new stage of my life, so I guess it’s natural that the blog do too. I thought about start a blog again often. Starting from scratch, because the posts I wrote in the past made ​​no sense to me now. Answer the question that states in the title, why start a blog that few people will be likely to read, is easy to answer: to have a space for share as I continue learning, forcing me to expose what I learnt in a clear and concise way so others can understand and discuss with myself about it, as a way to confirm, validate or discard the learnt thing. If anyone can take advantage of what I will share, I’ll be glad of it, but I don’t want to lose focus on my main goal with this blog, keep learning.

Last thing, most important one. Although I have started this blog few times, I never dare to press the publish button. The reasons for not replace the previous one with this, were just one: there was a post that still had meaning for me, it’s still true in all that was said in it , one that would not leave. It was titled “Start with Why”, and was the first I wrote.

I wanted this post to be the first because it was the the most important. Same as current, the purpose of the post was multiple: explain the reasons for starting a blog, while self-forcing me to write often making those public. And, above all, like this one, to thank all those who have been around me while all these changes were happening in my life. Without you, as previously said, would have nothing to talk about here.

Today I ‘m still surrounded by the same people, still have been part of the changes that have led me to start this new stage. I’m still learning from them , and they continue sharing with me, injecting in me the same energy that then. I thankful to them as the time the ‘Start with Why’ post was written, I can not miss to say in my first post:

Thanks. To all the people who make me believe there’s a different way. To all who share with me their knowledge, experience and passion in the past. To all who everyday keep doing. Thanks. As mentioned in the beginning of one of the books you make me discover, thank you, the only two words that can never be wrong, never inappropriate, never useless, and all too often forgotten. But not this time. Thank you, to gift me with words I want to say.

– from the original post ‘Start with why’

There’s no doubt this new stage will not be the last, there is always a lot to learn and I hope not to be the same person in a few years than nowadays. All I wish is that, when the next one comes, still be surrounded by the same people as well as many other equally extraordinary that I hope to meet in this new journey. So, when the day comes, be able to re-start in the same way: saying Thank you.


(1) Note: If you don’t know about unutopia, I will write often about it in this blog, but not today.